Harga Harco Mangga Dua PSU 900w Kebawah

PSU 900w Kebawah
Aerocool GT-700W1.070.000,-
Agile Agile 800W 800W, A/PFC, with modular cable, EPS 12V POWER SUPPLY SERIES FOR PEDESTAL & RACKMOUNT 4U SYSTEM1.641.000,-
Corsair CX750M (9020061-EU) 750W CXM Series (Modular)1.153.000,-
FSP Aurum S AS-700 700W 80+ Gold - Modular1.273.000,-
Muscle Power Khrisna 650W - 12CM FAN809.000,-
Venomrx 700W MADARA FIRE AND ICE662.000,-
Zalman Active PFC 450W809.000,-
Acbel M85H/750 Modular (pure 700w Overclock PSU up 750w)1.020.000,-
Ace Power FP-750W 750W Modular (Lifetime Warranty) 80 Plus Certificate, Black Connector, Black Net, 6 Ralls,12V, Support SLI/CrossfireX1.098.000,-
Aerocool E80-700W818.000,-
Agile RPS 2803 Redudant PS 800W(1,1), A/PFC, 2U,FOR RACKMOUNT CHASSIS SYSTEM4.794.000,-
Agile RPS 3300 Redudant PS 600,300W (2,1), 4U / Pedestal, FOR RACKMOUNT CHASSIS SYSTEM4.462.000,-
Azza Dynamo 650 Active PFC615.000,-
Azza Titan 850 Active PFC1.010.000,-
Cooler Master G 700W A/EU CABLE1.040.000,-
Cooler Master GX2 750W Blue Led1.219.000,-
Cooler Master GXII 650W BLUE LED W/ EU CABLE1.080.000,-
Cooler Master Silent Pro 600W Modular1.219.000,-
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W1.943.000,-
Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W2.378.000,-
Cooler Master Silent pro Modular 2 620W New Bronze1.330.000,-
Cooler Master Silent pro Modular 2 720W New Bronze1.510.000,-
Cooler Master Silent pro Modular 2 850W New Bronze1.830.000,-
Cooler Master Vanguard 700W Full Modular Cable1.810.000,-
Cooler Master Vanguard 850W Full Modular Cable Processor2.140.000,-
Corsair AX760 (CP-9020045-EU) 760W AX Series (Fully Modular)2.184.000,-
Corsair AX760i (CP-9020036-EU) 760W AX Series Digital (Fully Modular)2.516.000,-
Corsair AX860 (CP-9020044-EU) 860W AX Series, Fully Modular2.405.000,-
Corsair AX860i (CP-9020037-EU) 860W AX Series Digital (Fully Modular)2.738.000,-
Corsair GS600 (CP-9020063-EU) 600W GS Series with LED Fan987.000,-
Corsair GS700 (CP-9020064-EU) 700W GS Series with LED Fan1.097.000,-
Corsair GS800 (CP-9020065-EU) 800W GS Series with LED Fan1.275.000,-
Corsair HX750 750W (CP-9020031-NA) HX Series (Modular,80 PlusGold Certified)1.962.000,-
Corsair HX850 (CP-9020032-EU) 850W HX Series, Modular, 80, Gold Certified2.173.000,-
Corsair RM650 (CP-9020054-EU) (Fully Modular, 80 Plus Gold Certified)1.441.000,-
Corsair RM750 (CP-9020055-EU) (Fully Modular, 80 Plus Gold Certified)1.618.000,-
Corsair RM850 (CP-9020056-EU) (Fully Modular, 80 Plus Gold Certified)1.884.000,-
Corsair TX550M (CP-9020038-EU) 550W Enthusiast Series TXM (Modular)950.000,-
Corsair TX650 (CP-9020038-EU) 650W TX Series1.253.000,-
Corsair TX650M (CP-9020039-EU) 650W Enthusiast Series TXM (Modular)1.297.000,-
CORSAIR TX750 (CP-9020042-EU) 750W TX V2 Series1.508.000,-
Corsair TX750M (CP-9020040-EU) 750W Enthusiast Series TXM (Modular)1.541.000,-
CORSAIR TX850 (CP-9020043-EU) 850W Enthusiast Series TXV21.641.000,-
Corsair TX850M (CP-9020041-EU)1.685.000,-
ENERMAX ENM850AWT (Modular)1.383.000,-
ENERMAX EPM750AWT2.092.000,-
ENERMAX EPM850EWT2.602.000,-
ENERMAX ERV650AWT-G1.538.000,-
ENERMAX ERV750AWT-G1.771.000,-
ENERMAX ERV850EWT (850W)2.203.000,-
ENERMAX ERV850EWT-G2.103.000,-
ENERMAX ETA650AWT-M Triathlor 650W - (Modular)1.072.000,-
ENERMAX ETL-650AWT906.000,-
ENERMAX Modu 87 Plus EMG 800EWT1.993.000,-
ENERMAX Modu 87 Plus EMG 900EWT2.325.000,-
ENERMAX NAXN 750W ENM750AWT1.161.000,-
ENLIGHT BLACK SILVER 750 Watt1.197.000,-
Enlight Black Silver 850W1.408.000,-
FSP Aurum CM AU-750M 750W 80 Plus Gold (Free kaos exclusive dari FSP, berlaku 24 sd 29 Juni)1.486.000,-
FSP Aurum Pro AU-850 Pro 850W 80 Plus Gold (Free kaos exclusive dari FSP, berlaku 24 sd 29 Juni)2.051.000,-
FSP Raider RA-650 650W 80 Plus Bronze798.000,-
FSP Raider RA-650 650W Silver985.000,-
FSP Raider RA-750 750W 80 Plus Bronze1.118.000,-
Gigabyte Gigabyte Superb 720W (GE-P610A-C2)1.217.000,-
Gigabyte Odin GT 800W (GE-S800A-D1) NVIDIA SLI Support2.048.000,-
High Power Direct12-650W (Real Gamer and Overclocker) 80, Bronze Certification Single Rail ,12V-75A Modular1.219.000,-
High Power Direct12-750W (Real Gamer and Overclocker) 80, Bronze Certification Single Rail ,12V-75A Modular1.330.000,-
Muscle Power Borneo 650W - 12CM FAN887.000,-
Muscle Power Yudhistira 750W - 8CM FAN931.000,-
NZXT HALE82 V2 7001.100.000,-
NZXT HALE82-650-M1.100.000,-
NZXT HALE82-750-M1.250.000,-
NZXT HALE82-850-M1.400.000,-
OCZ 700W ModXstream Pro990.000,-
Power Logic Arma T 750 S 80 Plus Silver1.116.000,-
Power Logic Armageddon Voltron T-750S (80+ Silver)1.114.000,-
Rosewill Hive-650 650W 80 Plus Bronze Modular840.000,-
Rosewill Hive-750 750W 80 Plus Modular950.000,-
Rosewill Lighting 800W 80 Plus Bronze Modular1.670.000,-
Seasonic 650W M12II-650 80 Plus Bronze1.247.000,-
Seasonic 650W S12-650EP998.000,-
Seasonic 650W S12EP-650 (Promo Desember)790.000,-
Seasonic 650W SS-650HT730.000,-
Seasonic 750W M12D-750 80 Plus Silver Module1.546.000,-
Seasonic 750W M12II-7501.352.000,-
Seasonic 750W SS-750JS-BE 80 Plus942.000,-
Seasonic 750W X750 80 Plus Gold Module1.934.000,-
Seasonic 760W X760 80 Plus Gold Module1.990.000,-
Seasonic 850W M12D-850 80 Plus Silver Module1.657.000,-
Seasonic 850W X850 Full Modular Gold2.300.000,-
Seasonic 860W P8602.328.000,-
Seasonic G-650 Gold 650W1.325.000,-
Seasonic P660 Platinum 660W1.879.000,-
Seasonic P760 Platinum 760W2.101.000,-
Seasonic S12-650EP (Promo awal tahun)790.000,-
Seasonic X750 V3 Gold 750W1.934.000,-
Silent Pro Silent Pro Gold 800W1.943.000,-
Silverstone 700W SST-ST70F-ES898.000,-
Silverstone 750W SST-75F-G Evolution1.674.000,-
Silverstone 850W SST-ST85F-E1.951.000,-
Simbadda 830W1.310.000,-
Super Flower SF-650P12SP Max 89% Active PFC 230V780.000,-
Super Flower SF-650P14PE Golden King (Platinum)1.800.000,-
Super Flower SF-750P14PE Golden King (Platinum)2.100.000,-
Super Flower SF-850P14PE Golden King (Platinum)2.300.000,-
TAGAN SP-B700610.000,-
TAGAN TG700-BZ TAGAN PipeRock TG700 - BZ, * Patent PipeRock Modular Cable Management , * Colorful Illuminated Connectors. , * Over 80% Efficiency, * Tagan Silence Control Technology, * Build-in PCI-E cables support Triple-SLI / CrossfireX1.060.000,-
TAGAN TG800-BZ TAGAN PipeRock TG800 - BZ, * Patent PipeRock Modular Cable Management , * Colorful Illuminated Connectors. , * Over 80% Efficiency, * Tagan Silence Control Technology, * Build-in PCI-E cables support Triple-SLI / CrossfireX1.250.000,-
THERMALTAKE Lite Power 700W638.000,-
THERMALTAKE Smart 750WT 80+ Bronze Modular1.480.000,-
THERMALTAKE Smart 850 Watt Modular 80+ Bronze1.682.000,-
THERMALTAKE ToughPower Grand 750W 80+ Glod1.857.000,-
THERMALTAKE ToughPower XT 875W APFC Modular1.655.000,-
Venomrx 650W Madara Fire and Ice607.000,-
Venomrx 700W Atheris Hemotoxin Single Rail829.000,-
Venomrx 700W Hellions Fer-De-Lance740.000,-
Venomrx 900W KRYPTON Full Modular Single Rail1.095.000,-
XIGMATEK 700W 80+ NRP-PC702975.000,-
XIGMATEK 800W 80+ NRP-MC802 Modular1.330.000,-
XIGMATEK Centauro 1000W1.508.000,-
XIGMATEK Centauro 700W1.042.000,-
XIGMATEK Centauro 800W1.197.000,-
XIGMATEK G650 Gold 650W1.397.000,-
XIGMATEK G850 Gold 850W1.563.000,-
XIGMATEK Tauro 600W698.000,-
XIGMATEK Tauro 700W898.000,-
XIGMATEK Vector G650 650W1.386.000,-
XIGMATEK Vector G850 850W1.552.000,-
XIGMATEK Vector P700 Platinum 700W1.563.000,-
XIGMATEK Vector S650 650W942.000,-
XIGMATEK Vector S750 750W1.053.000,-
Xtreme Xtreme 750W371.000,-

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