Harga Harco Mangga Dua Optical Drive

Optical Drive
ACARD ACFD 459 Case 9 Bay For Duplicator with 300 W Duplicator1.413.000,-
ACARD ACFD 459 Case 9 Bay For Duplicator with 300 W Duplicator1.413.000,-
ACARD ACFI 7051 Case 5 Bay For Duplicator with 250 W Duplicator1.136.000,-
ACARD ACFI 7130 Case 13 Bay For Duplicator with 400 W Duplicator2.189.000,-
ACARD ARS 5105PX 1-5 DVD SATA BD Control board with LCD support 12x BD Recording Duplicator1.690.000,-
ACARD ARS 5107PX 1-7 DVD SATA BD control board with LCD support 8 x BD Recording Duplicator2.134.000,-
ACARD ARS 5110PX 1-11 DVD SATA BD Control board with LCD Support 6 x BD Recording Duplicator2.577.000,-
ACARD ARS2053PX 1-3 DVD SATA Control board support Blue Ray Duplicator1.524.000,-
Apple MD564ZM/A Apple USB Super Drive External783.000,-
Asus BluRay Combo BC-12B1ST Internal770.000,-
Asus BluRay Writer BW-12B1ST Internal1.266.000,-
Asus DVDRW Bluray Writer SBW-06D2X-U/BLK/G/AS Internal1.253.000,-
Asus DVDRW External Slim SDRW-08D2SU-LITE External338.000,-
Asus DVDRW Sata 24x Box Internal222.000,-
Asus DVDRW Sata 24x Oem Internal216.000,-
Asus SBW-06D2X-U Asus DVDRW External Blueray External1.217.000,-
Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2B Blu-Ray external 6x External1.347.000,-
Buffalo DVSM-PC58U2 Black/White External, Portable DVD,Bus-powered External377.000,-
LG BluRay Combo Internal Internal900.000,-
LG BluRay Writer External External1.685.000,-
LG BluRay Writer Internal Internal1.220.000,-
LG DVDRW 24x Sata OEM Internal167.000,-
LG DVDRW Sata 24x Box Internal180.000,-
Lite On DVDRW Sata 24x Oem Internal180.000,-
Samsung Blueray Writer Samsung External External1.286.000,-
Samsung Combo Blueray External External1.352.000,-
Samsung DVDRW External Slim+TV Black SE SO8AB External285.000,-
Samsung DVDRW SATA OEM Internal175.000,-
StandAlone Duplicator StandAlone 22x [DVDRW 1-11] SATA Duplicator8.530.000,-
Transcend DVDRW Slim 8x USB External399.000,-
BenQ DVDRW LD2000 External634.000,-
LG DVDRW Ext Slim 8X Box External285.000,-
Lite On DVDRW External Slim External344.000,-

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