Harga Harco Mangga Dua : TV Tuner

Asus My Cinema P7131 435.000,-
Asus My Cinema US1-100 580.000,-
Gadmei Combo TV Box 3810E External (CRT) 145.000,-
Gadmei XGA TV Box 5823E External (LCD) 300.000,-

K-World DVDMaker Usb 2.0 (VS-USB2800D) 355.000,-
K-World Plus TV Analog PCI 7134 225.000,-
K-World Plus TV Analog Stick (PVR-TV 304UD) 290.000,-
K-World PVR-TV305UDE Usb TV External 290.000,-
K-World USB TV Analog Stick (UB-390A) 490.000,-
Much TV Int+FM for PC 190.000,-
Much TV PCMCIA 260.000,-
PixelView TV Hybrid USB 415 NEW USB 2. Global analog TV dongle, S/W MPEG II compression, Remote, Win Vista Bit 320.000,-
PixelView PlayTV Global USB USB 2. Global analog TV dongle, S/W MPEG II compression, Remote, Win Vista Bit 420.000,-
PixelView PlayTV 550 Hybrid Schedule recording, DVR,Global analog TV system, clamshell invisible antenna Bit 600.000,-
PixelView PLAY TV MOBILE PCMCIA, Tv tuner 2,5V, tv/video/ Audio input theater, schedule record, radio, teletext Bit 480.000,-
PixelView TV PRO4 Record tv to MPEG2, Schedule record and time shifting high quality TV card and Fm radio Bit 200.000,-
PixelView PlayTV Cinema BX 1500 PCI -EX Interface, DVB-T + Analog Digital / Stereo, Software MPEG2 real tim Recording Bit 600.000,-
PixelView PlayTV Cinema Media Centre, Hardware MPEG-2 encorder, Schedule recording, powerfull remore,e drv Bit 700.000,-
PixelView TV-BOX 6 Support POP Ext Stereo Nicam TV, no CPU Request, Video Support, PS2, DVD etc Bit 530.000,-
PixelView TV-BOX 7 NEW Support POP Ext Stereo Nicam TV, TV input: Analog Coaxial ( RF), Composite vide input Bit 700.000,-
Winfast DTV-1800H MCE Internal TV/FM Tuner,support media center TV Tuner 605.000,-
Winfast DTV-2000H Plus MCE Internal,PAL Digital FM tuner TV Tuner 750.000,-
Winfast DTV-200H, USB2.0,INTERNAL TV/FM Tuner, MCE Support TV Tuner 700.000,-
Winfast PALM TOP TV - Tuner for Notebook,USB 2.0, FM Tuner (External) TV Tuner 600.000,-
Winfast PALM TOP TV PLUS - USB 2.0 FM Tuner TV,Remote Control External 600.000,-
Winfast PVR 2000 Internal TV/FM Tuner,10bit, TV Tuner 555.000,-
Winfast PXPVR 2200 Internal TV/FM Tuner (PCI Express) TV Tuner 805.000,-
Winfast PXTV 1200 Internal TV/FM Tuner (PCI Express) TV Tuner 505.000,-
Winfast TV 2000XP Global/EXPERT Internal TV/FM Tuner Card,Time Shiftting,V-Editing,Nicam TV Tuner 405.000,-
Winfast TV 2100XP RM Internal TV Tuner Card,8bit TV Tuner 280.000,-
Winfast TV PRO 1680 (External) NEW!!! TV Tuner 555.000,-
Winfast TV PRO 1920 (External) NEW!!! TV Tuner 705.000,-
Winfast TV PRO II (External) TV Tuner 750.000,-
Winfast VC 100 XP Capture Card,MPEG1/2/4 TV Tuner 245.000,-

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